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Spring Snow Storm

Our biggest snow event of this winter arrived today — days after the calendar informed us that we had officially entered spring.  The weather service provided ample warning so we are well stocked and have no need to venture out on the as-yet-unplowed roads.  So I’m baking apple pies, cleaning house, watching basketball and taking photographs.  One could call this a perfect day.  The first two pictures below show a blue jay and a cardinal, each with a snow mustache.  The third shows a line of six birds waiting their turn at the feeder.  The other pictures show the snow.


This entry was posted on March 24, 2018.

Loving Trees

Some people are dog lovers, some people are tree lovers. (Yes, you can be both a dog and tree lover, and a lover of lots of other things, too.) This is for the tree lovers, or for the potential, soon-to-be, tree lovers. I am a tree lover, possibly to an extreme. Gary and I bought a piece of property just because, and only because, it contained a majestic old cottonwood tree that we wanted to save.

Trees are beautiful and functional. Think of the splendor of Christmas trees in winter, the fragrant blossoms of apple trees in spring, the multitude of greens in leaves of summer, and the brilliance of fiery maple trees in fall. Trees are seasonal, which in and of itself makes them special. Then add in the functionality of trees, whether it be for providing shade, or for building houses, furniture, and camp fires. Trees really are one on God’s special miracles. I am sure you have a favorite tree, just for the loveliness of it.

One of our national parks is devoted to trees, so as tree lovers, Gary and I made a pilgrimage there. The feeling one gets in Sequoia National Park is that of supreme comfort – as though the trees in the park are wrapping their limbs around you and holding you tight. The park gives you an automatic feel-good experience. Below we share a few pictures from our journey.

The General Sherman Tree – the biggest tree on the planet:

Snow Hiking, Day 1:

Snow Hiking, Day 2:

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