Harvest 101 — What Happens During Harvest?

When the soybean crop is mature, as it is today, a combine is used to pick the soybeans from a field.

In this view from inside a combine, one can see the part of the field that has been picked and the part that has not been picked.

The combine fills with soybeans after going from one end of the field to another. When the combine is full, soybeans are unloaded into wagons, or a semi-trucks, waiting in the field.

Several wagons and trucks may wait in a field to be loaded. When all the soybeans are picked from one field, the combines, trucks, and wagons, move to another field.

When each wagon and truck is full, it is driven from a field to a bin site, and soybeans are unloaded into bins, where the soybeans are stored to be sold and delivered at a later date.

The window of opportunity for harvest is short. Harvest cannot begin until the crop is mature, but harvest should be completed before the snow falls. Lots of extra help is required to operate all the equipment and complete harvest quickly. We are very thankful to those who work with us during harvest.

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